Tuscany Townhomes
TLA Properties
2005 (Phase I), 2008 (Phase II)
90,000 sf (Phase I), 95,000 (Phase II)
$15 million

Tuscany Townhomes

Tuscany Luxury Townhomes is a project that takes cues from European architecture and planning. When owner Willie Cavazos traveled throughout France and Italy, he liked the way that small towns and villages were laid out. Buildings tended to be in close proximity to each other, and created interesting spaces and courtyards that encouraged community interaction. He also wanted to design the units so that no tenant had an upstairs or downstairs neighbor.

(To eliminate sound transmission through floors). Therefore, each unit is its own “town home” that is either 1-story, or has an interior stair that leads to the bedrooms. The architectural style is a blend of European & Mexican vernaculars. He incorporates Mexican cantera stone and oversized brick, combined with a field brick that is reminiscent of French buildings, with oversized mortar joints. This complex is also adjacent to Tuscany Commercial Center, which is similar in style but is owned by TLA Properties, and leases to businesses.