Border Foundry

The Border Foundry is a high-end dining establishment, which opened in April 2013 in Laredo, TX.  The design intent of this project was to incorporate modern elements juxtaposed with reclaimed machinery & parts from the original Border Foundry Machine Shop, which was originally founded by the owner’s family in 1907.

The interior walls are mostly hand-made brick to give the space a rustic appeal,  while the suspended acoustical ceilings serve to create a more intimate atmosphere for diners in the rear portion of the restaurant.  A glass-enclosed wine cellar is a focal point for the patrons, and also serves to display the high-end wine selection.  Towards the front portion of the space is the bar & lounge area, which features a concrete bar top, and a liquor display made of steel and wood elements, giving it a more industrial feel.  Throughout the restaurant are displayed old machine parts, signage, and other mementos collected from the original machine shop.