TCB Annex Project

The intent of this project is to expand the facilities of the existing Texas Community Bank Headquarters building on the adjacent property.  The program includes providing a bistro for bank employees, a meeting room for shareholder meetings and other events, a board room, and additional office space to accommodate the growing bank. The project is..

Border Foundry

The Border Foundry is a high-end dining establishment, which opened in April 2013 in Laredo, TX.  The design intent of this project was to incorporate modern elements juxtaposed with reclaimed machinery & parts from the original Border Foundry Machine Shop, which was originally founded by the owner’s family in 1907. The interior walls are mostly..

Texas Community Bank Headquarters

Cavazos & Associates Architects is a full-service Architectural firm established in Laredo in 1971. Formerly known as Leyendecker & Cavazos, it was one of the few architectural companies in the city of Laredo, Texas. Eventually, Guillermo (Willy) Cavazos became the sole owner of the firm in 1983 and continued to design local projects of many..

Hal’s Landing

When Cavazos & Associates was approached by Ricochet Management to design a building that housed an arcade, bar, and restaurant, we realized that it was an opportunity to design something that Laredo had not seen before. It is essentially one building divided up into 3 (almost equal sized) areas. The south portion is a bar..

LNB Plaza

Cavazos & Associates was hired to convert the existing Plaza Hotel in downtown Laredo into a full service bank with offices. The existing brick structure was maintained as much as possible, and any additional exterior walls were designed to match the existing building. Large expanses of glass were utilized in the triple-height lobby areas to..

Tuscany Commercial Center

The Tuscany Commercial Center is a project that takes cues from European architecture and planning. When owner Willie Cavazos traveled throughout France and Italy, he liked the way that small towns and villages were laid out. The architectural style is a blend of European & Mexican vernaculars. He incorporates Mexican cantera stone and oversized brick,..

Laredo Fire Stations #10 & 11

The City of Laredo commissioned two fire stations to provide service to the north of the city and to the southeast of the city. The fire stations were designed as prototypes to take advantage of the economy of scale for the major building systems. The stations utilizing materials that are virtually maintenance-free, such as standing-seam..

Lakeside Commercial Center

The Brittingham Family asked Cavazos & Associates to perform a feasibility study and do schematic design for a potential project on a major thoroughfare in Laredo. The project is basically a commercial center that would provide leasing spaces for restaurants, retail stores, and professional offices.

Downtown Mercado Project

Following the Peso devaluation of 1983, the city and private individuals decided to create a market out of the existing City Hall building in an effort to diversify the economic base of Laredo. The idea was to create a magnet to attract and keep the tourists that pass through Laredo on their way to Mexico...

UISD New Facilities & Support Center

This project began with an assessment of an existing customs broker warehouse and office building, with the intention of purchasing and renovating the facility for the district’s use. We analyzed the existing structure, spatial considerations, and condition of the interior finishes and provided a list of recommendations to for the owner to review. Once the..